Accepted Papers for ACG2015

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The following papers will be presented at ACG2015.

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Jakub Pawlewicz, Ryan B Hayward Feature Strength and Parallelization of Sibling Conspiracy Number Search
Ingo Althöfer, Matthias Beckmann, Friedrich Salzer On some Random Walk Games with Micro Control
Chu-Hsuan Hsueh, I-Chen Wu, Wen-Jie Tseng, Shi-Jim Yen, Jr-Chang Chen Strength Improvement and Analysis for an MCTS-Based Chinese Dark Chess Program
Yusaku Mandai, Tomoyuki Kaneko LinUCB Applied to Monte Carlo Tree Search
Tristan Cazenave. Playout Policy Adaptation for Games
Édouard Bonnet, Florian Jamain, Abdallah Saffidine Slither a similar yet different connection game
Guy McCrossan Haworth A Comparative Review of Skill Assessment: Performance, Prediction and Profiling
Tobias Graf, Marco Platzner Adaptive Playouts in Monte Carlo Tree Search with Policy Gradient Reinforcement Learning
Shu Yokoyama, Tomoyuki Kaneko, Testuro Tanaka Parameter-Free Tree Style Pipeline in Asynchronous Parallel Game-Tree Search
Yoshiaki Yamaguchi, Todd.W Neller First Player’s Cannot-Lose Strategy in Cylinder-Infinite-Connect-Four for Widths 2 and 6
Taichi Ishitobi, Aske Plaat, Hiroyuki Iida, Jaap van den Herik Reducing the Seesaw Effect in Proof Number Search
Olivier Teytaud, Abdallah Saffidine, Shi-Jim Yen The complexities of Go
Matthias Beckmann On some Evacuation Games with Random Walks
Richard Lorentz. Early Playout Termination in MCTS
Nikolaos Papahristou, Ioannis Refanidis Constructing Pin Endgame Databases for the Backgammon Variant Plakoto
Yuichiro Sato, Hiroyuki Iida, H.J. van den Herik Transfer Learning by Inductive Logic Programming
Yun-Ching Liu, Yoshimasa Tsuruoka Adapting Improved Upper Confidence Bounds for Monte-Carlo Tree Search
Vito Janko, Matej Guid Development of a Program for Playing Progressive Chess
Kei Takada, Masaya Honjo, Hiroyuki Iizuka, Masahito Yamamoto Developing Computer Hex using Global and Local Evaluation based on Board Network Characteristics
Kokolo Ikeda, Shishido Takanari, Simon Viennot Machine-Learning of Shape Names for the Game of Go
Jos Uiterwijk. Crystallisation of Domineering Snowflakes
Cameron Browne Boundary Matching for Realtime Sprouts
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Deadline extended to 12 march

because of more popular demand, the deadline has been extended 2 more days to 12 march

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Submission Deadline moved to March 10

Due to popular demand the deadline of submitting papers to ACG2015 has been moved to March 10, 2015

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 Leiden University, Leiden, the Netherlands

1-3 July 2015 

Aske Plaat, Jaap van den Herik, Walter Kosters (editors)

The fourteenth conference on Advances in Computer Games (ACG2015) will be held in Leiden, the Netherlands, in conjunction with the 21th World Computer Chess Championship and the 18th Computer Olympiad. The conference commences on July 1 at 08.30-12.30h and will take place on three consecutive days. The WCCC and the CO will take place from June 29 to July 5 or 6, also at Leiden University.

The conference aims in the first place at providing an international forum for computer-games researchers presenting new results on ongoing work. The recent successes of the CG and the ACG conferences have encouraged the organizers to widen their scope and therefore we encourage contributions on virtual and video games and modern board games. So, we invite contributors to submit papers on all aspects of research related to computers and games. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to: (1) the current state of game-playing programs for classic and modern board and card games, (2) the current state of virtual, casual and video games, (3) new theoretical developments in game-related research, and (4) general scientific contributions produced by the study of games. Also researchers on topics such as (5) social aspects of computer games, (6) cognitive research of how humans play games, (7) capture and analysis of game data, and (8) issues related to networked games are invited to submit their contributions.

Important Dates

Paper Submission: March 1, 2015 March 10, 2015

Acceptance Notification: April 15, 2015

Final Papers due: May 1, 2015


Paper Submission Requirements

Papers of 8 to 10 pages are preferred. The maximum length is 12 pages. The preferred format for submission is PDF, but Word is also acceptable. The paper must be written in the English language. We expect to publish the proceedings in the Lecture Notes Series (LNCS/LNAI) format. Please follow the instructions for authors available at the Springer LNCS/LNAI Web:

Refereeing Process

The usual full refereeing process will be executed. Papers will be refereed by members of the Program Committee. Papers will be accepted if their overall quality is acceptable and the topic suits the conference. Accepted papers will be scheduled for presentation during the conference and will be printed as conference proceedings. Authors of accepted papers, or their representatives, are expected to present their papers at the conference. Notice of acceptance of papers will be sent by April 15, 2015 to the principal author. Final papers are due by May 1, 2015.

Registration Fee

  Early Late
(On or before April 15) Late (After April 15)
Participants Euro 200 Euro 250
Students Euro 150 Euro 180

Admission to the conference and a copy of conference proceedings are included in the conference registration fee.


The editing and processing of the contributions to the proceedings will be performed by Aske Plaat, Jaap van den Herik, and Walter Kosters. The proceedings will be published in 2015 (Post-proceedings). During the conference participants can order (additional) copies.

The Chairs of the Program Committee

Aske Plaat, Jaap van den Herik, Walter Kosters

Program Committee

Victor Allis

Ingo Althöfer

Petr Baudis

Darse Billings

Yngvi Björnsson

Bruno Bouzy

Ivan Bratko

Cameron Browne

Murray Campbell

Tristan Cazenave

Bo-Nian Chen

Jr-Chang Chen

Paolo Ciancarini

Rémi Coulom

Omid David

Jeroen Donkers

David Fotland

Johannes Fuernkranz

James Glenn

Michael Greenspan

Reijer Grimbergen

Matej Guid

Dap Hartmann

Tsuyoshi Hashimoto

Guy Haworth

Ryan Hayward

Huang HongShun-Chin Hsu

Tsan-Sheng Hsu

Han-Shen Huang

Robert Hyatt

Hiroyuki Iida

Tomoyuki Kaneko

Graham Kendall

Akihiro Kishimoto

Yoshiyuki Kotani

Clyde Kruskal

Hans Kuijf

Richard Lorentz

Ulf Lorenz

Shaul Markovitch

Hitoshi Matsubara

John-Jules Meyer

Martin Mueller

Todd Neller

Nathan S. Netanyahu

Pim Nijssen

Jakub Pawlewicz

Jacques Pitrat

Christian Posthoff

Matthias Rauterberg

Aleksander SadikovSalcedo-Sanz Sancho

Maarten Schadd

Richard Segal

Yaron Shoham

David Silver

Pieter Spronck

Nathan Sturtevant

Takuya Sugiyama

Tetsuro Tanaka

Gerald Tesauro

Olivier Teytaud

Yoshimasa Tsuruoka

Jos Uiterwijk

Erik van der Werf

Peter van Emde Boas

Jan van Zanten

Gert Vriend

Hans Weigand

Mark Winands

Thomas Wolf

I-Chen Wu

Xinhe Xu

Georgios Yannakakis

Shi-Jim Yen

Organizing Committee Johanna Hellemons (chair), Annemart Berendse, Abdel Boujadayni, Marloes van der Nat, Jan van Rijn, Jonathan Vis, Aske Plaat  More information Prof. Aske Plaat, Leiden University, LIACS, Niels Bohrweg 1, 2333 CA Leiden, the Netherlands, email: Johanna Hellemons, or aske.plaat >at<

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